Media analytics

Media analytics is of great importance for your surroundings. So you can succeed in your work based on the information you receive through our service. Get the following benefits by using our service:

  • Spend less effort
  • Save your time and budget
  • Get more information
social and web monitoring

Opportunities of Allanalytic system

The following platforms within the selected package are monitored and results are obtained based on the keywords.

  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, VKontakte

  • Blogs, Websites

  • Online media: Internal and external sources

  • State agencies, analytical companies, holdings, and other companies
Information is obtained about the details and sources of data.

  • Information about the comments, likes, and shares related with the data

  • Name and address of the source
Obtained information is sent to the user in graphics and report formats via the following options.

  • Data analysis at the selected time interval

  • Accurate and connected search based on the keywords

  • Searching for one or more keywords at the same time

  • Optional sequence of the data: date, share, comment, like number

  • Possibility of viewing different types of data depending on the selection
The results are processed via the following tools.

  • Input of data

  • Deleting data and restoration of the deleted data

  • Sorting data by feedback (positive, negative, neutral)

  • Sorting data by features (question, information, request, etc.)

  • Sorting data by category (user-entered)

  • Writing notes on data
Opportunity to export all or selected data to PDF, EXCEL or different graphics formats
Sending daily visual reports to the user's e-mail address at the optional specified time of the day.
Instant reply to comments and questions in social network
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The mean features offered by this service:

You will enjoy from the comfort and functionality of the software in line with the extensive options offered by the Allanalytic system.

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